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Welcome and thank you for taking time to read and share the experiences and happenings
at  Barberry Row  and  Heirlooms  and in my life.
I trust they will be a blessing and encouragement to you.
Sincerely,  Sherelyn


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Blog #12  -  29 September 2013  :  Below     (Preparations for the USA)

Blog #12

Sunday, 29 September 2013 ~

There was no time for rest after my busy time of packing up, setting up, repacking and then restoring the Needlework Gallery to rights after the three events of the 'The Mystery Sampler' exhibition, Taupo's 'Sampler Gathering' and Otane's 'Soup & Bun Day', as had to prepare for exhibiting/being a vendor at the 'Celebration of Needlework' event in the USA - at St. Charles, Missouri.  I was to leave NZ on Sunday, the 15th of September.

Preparations were varied.  Firstly I had to have additional copies of all my designs printed.  Several hundred were printed, and as it was impossible for me to carry these in my suitcases, Keith and I packed up four huge boxes to be posted to the States.  As I didn't want "all my eggs in one basket" in case pf loss or mishap, each box contained a quantity of all designs, each box was sent several days apart and I didn't rise loatin.  Sent two boxes directly to the hotel where the event was located and the other two boxes to my friend, Maureen Sorenson (nee Appleton) of 'The Hearts Content' as she too was to be a vendor at the same event and had kindly offered to take them for me to St. Charles in their trailer with all their products. Postage costs were horrendous!  The most expensive was $298.87, the cheapest was $183.53 and the other two were inbetween  -  $259.70 and $238.22! 


Another task was to finish writing the instructional notes for a design that I had stitched and photographed a few months earlier - Vintage Violets.   

This design contains a framed piece, a needlebook, a pincushion
and a thread cutter pouch and fob.

It's amazing how much time it takes to think of how to simply and fully explain how to construct each needlework piece as these instructions have to be written in such a way so that they are understandable for the person who has never done this type of thing before.  Then there is the process of typing up the instructions, drawing the stitch diagrams (i.e. showing how to create the various stitches) which have to be inserted amongst the written instructions, plus inserting the actual design charts.



Another task was to photograph, draw diagrams, write instructions, etc.
for a new design - Spring Showers.

This design I have stitched with the Fisherton de la Mere needlework technique but I've also stitched the same design with Counted Thread techniques using silk threads from the Silk 'n Colors rnge of overdyed threads by The Thread Gatherer and DMC stranded cotton threads and made it into an ornamental.

Consequently - two sets of instructions required.



And, another task - making up of kit packs of thread, fabric and embellishments for two of my designs.


Twenty packs


Meadowgrass Bsicornu

Ten packs


In the Burgundy
Scissors Fob

Another task - designing the USA brochure to give away to each visitor to my exhibition room, designing and p;rinting of price lists, order forms, display cards, etc.

Another task - gathering up all my stitched models and packaging them up for safe travel in my bags, plus making up bundles of each colour of all the threads that are used in my designs for sale.

Another task - gathering up the display items - cloths & doileys, fabric drapes, flowers, easels, etc. and lastly, my clothes.  And all the time being conscious of the suitcase weight issue!

I had hoped tp get my August newsletter sent to everyone before I left - but ran out of time. Headed off to the Napier airport at 1.45pm on Sunday, the 15th of September to catch the 3pm flight to Auckland.  

Once at the Departure Gate for my Los Angeles flight due to leave at 7.40pm I could relax.



And so I began a new piece of needlework.

A Christmas design by JBW Designs
"ABC's and Christmas Trees"

that I want to have stiched by the time
I open for Christmas.




Whilst away I had hoped to have stitched more that what I achieved, but evn so, pleased that it is not too far from completion.


Auckland Airport

25 September 2013




Popped this into my bag
in readiness for my flight call
to board for Napier

  Flight delayed
and so mananged to stitch
the letter "D"

Sitting in airports is never a problem for me!

Read my next blog to see where I stayed and the next blog to learn about the awesome 'Celebration of Needlework' event.

Bye for now.

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