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Welcome and thank you for taking time to read and share the experiences and happenings
at  Barberry Row  and  Heirlooms  and in my life.
I trust they will be a blessing and encouragement to you.
Sincerely,  Sherelyn


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Blog #13  -  30 September 2013  :  Below     (Embassy Suites Hotel  -  St. Charles,  Missouri)

Blog #13

Monday, 30 September 2013 ~

Arrived at the Embassy Suites in St. Charles at 11.30pm, Sunday the 15th of September - almost 29 hours after leaving home.

Totally unpacked my clothes suitcase into the wardrobe and dresser drawers, stowed my suitcase and tumbled into bed.

Next morning (as I did every morning whilst there) indulged in the free breakfast that is always fabulous at this chain of hotels - omelette made to order (mine was - eggs, ham, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and two cheeses), tea and toast and a cup of tea, but could also have had crispy bacon, mini sausages, scrambled eggs, cereals, yoghurt, freshly cut honeydew, rockmelon, pineapple and strawberries, pancackes & maple syrup, assorted Danish pastries, donuts & bagels, frest fruit (apples, oranges, bananas) and assorted beverages (coffee, juices, and the inevitabe multitude of pop drinks).

I have to confess that each day after breakfast I took to my room a bowl of honeydew and rockmelon, a Danish and a banana for my lunch.

The Embassy Suites hotel at St. Charles - 




After breakfast, the hotel shuttle (it can be seen in one of the hotel photos above) took me to the Bank to sort out some details with our Bank accounts and in the afternnoon I unpacked the two boxes of designs that I had shipped from NZ.

Many of these designs I had not folded or packaged and so this task needed to be done and so made a start on them.

of the
shipped boxes

The hotel is connected to the St. Charles Convention Centre and can be accessed from an internal corrider
as well as from a grand entrance.

The connecting corridor can be seen in the next two photos.  My room looked out onto the roof of this corridor.

The next three photos are taken from inside the hotel lobby, not far from the corrider to the Convention Centre
and near the lifts to the hotel rooms above and the conference rooms below.
(Both corrider & lifts are to the left of where I am standing).




Looking towards the hotel entrance
and reception area

A little further to the left.
Reception desks can still be seen,
plus the breakfast dining area
and some of the 12 floors of hotel rooms
(32 rooms each floor)

From the lobby, stairs lead down
to the lower level where most
of the conference rooms are located.
It is in these rooms that the classes are taught.

Looking down from the corrider
outside my room (#428)
over the breakfast dining area.

To the left is the entrance to the restaurant,
then there is the bar,
then the Chef's area for cooking of the omelettes, etc.
behind the huge stand containg the TV screens
is the fabulous breakfast buffet
and in the right hand corner is the mini bar.
Each evening from 5.30pm - 7.30pm
is the 'Manager's Reception'.
Every hotel guest has free access
to as many drinks
as they would like,
plus nibbles (chips, dips, pretzels, nuts, etc.)

In the centre of the dining area is a small fountain
and a small channel of water
continually flows thoughout the hotel.

(Next to the stairs down to the lower level you can see
this water falls as a waterfall to various levels, right to the bottom floor)

To conclude this note is a diagram of the layout of my and everyones rooms.

Same as the room layout I had in Nashville back in February when attended as an exhibitor at the Needlework Trade Show.
The lounge area is wonderful for setting up ones displays.



However, the colour of the decor wasn't very pleasant - golds, browns & oranges -
and unfortuantely some of the photos I took of my displays have a yellow glow to them.

These can be seen on blog #15.

Bye for now.

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