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Welcome and thank you for taking time to read and share the experiences and happenings
at  Barberry Row  and  Heirlooms  and in my life.
I trust they will be a blessing and encouragement to you.
Sincerely,  Sherelyn


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Blog #15  -  2 October 2013  :  Below     (Celebration of Needlework Show  -  St. Charles  -  Missouri)

Blog #15

Wednesday,  2 October 2013 ~

I woke on the Tuesday prior to the opening of 'Celebration of Needlework' not feeling very well.  Before I left home, my lovely husband, Keith was battling a terrible cold that had gone to his chest.  I was feeling fine when I left home - but the bug had caught me!

After breakfast the display table that had been assigned to my room was delivered and although I did not feel like doing so, set
it up and rearranged all the hotel room furniture as I had planned to use it for displays (i.e. pushed tables and chairs around, moved tables from the bedroom into the lounge, etc.).  I then ironed all the table cloths and doilies that I had brought with me & covered the furniture.  I still had lots of designs to fold and package and so did a few hundred more of these.  Had a bite of my stolen breakfast for lunch, bought some medication from the shop in the hotel lobby and slept the afternoon away.  Didn't even bother going down to dinner in the restaurant that night or have anything delivered to the room.

Still not too good the next day but spent the morning unpacking all my stitched models, setting them about and attaching copies of the designs to the walls, plus all the advertising material.



the photography

is not that



Despite the ghastly colour

of the hotel decor,

the room looked

quite pleasing to the eye

when one walked

through the doorway


Utilised the TV screen

as the backdrop

for these

designs / stitched models




not good photography!



And, finally, utilised the kitchen bench area as my 'point of sale'.
The next three pictures show the layout of the room to the right when one walked into the room.  




By midday I was all finished.

At that time Pam Reed of Olde Colonial Designs (the organiser of the event) arrived.  So too, Judy (of JBW Designs) and her friend and constant helper, Connie.  Not long after that my friend Maureen (of The Heart's Content) and her husband, Dennis arrived.  And with them, my other two large boxes of designs that I had posted to them from NZ.  I unpacked these designs and then tumbled back into my bed as Maureen (a nurse) gave me the correct medication to alleviate my flu.

By teatime I felt so much better.  Maureen and Dennis were still very busy with unpacking and setting up their displays and didn't want to stop for an evening meal and so just Judy, Connie and I went to the restaurant.  It was so lovely sitting, talking and sharing with them.

All this day had been extremely busy.  In the morning the hotel porters had been pushing trolleys stacked with tables to each of the vendors rooms.  My room was quite near the lifts and so there was a constant stream of vendors and porters pushing huge trolleys laden with mountains of boxes.  Some of them had the most spectacular 'props' on which to display their wares.

That evening of course, was the first of the events.  I didn't attend the Make It, Take It, but did go to the Meet 'n Greet.

Thursday morning still not 100% but so much better.  I still had about 100 designs to fold and package, but decided not to do them as I had already done nearly 500.  Turned out to be a good decision as I didn't need them.  And with them being flat, they were much easier to place in my suitcase for returning home.

Before leaving for St. Charles I had in my mind to do a series of designs to be known as 'The Crinoline Ladies'.  I had begun stitching one of the designs but it was not even half finished.  However, despite this, and although not really thrilled with her colourings, decided to pop her on display.

I folded the edge of her skirt under and pinned it to the cushion that was on the sofa, stuffing her skirt to pad it out with plastic bags I'd used as packaging for shipping amongst my stitched models.
I then tucked a half doll under the skirt top, pinning her in place.
It was interesting to hear the attendees comments.

I will be restitching this design soon, but in a different colour before it is published.


Late that Thursday afternoon and before the Shopping Preview event, Maureen & Dennis took me out for dinner to a 
Texas Roadhouse for a steak.  A very busy, crowded place.  Meals so different to ours.

For dinner on the Friday night, Judy, Connie and myself joined Maureen and Dennis in their bedroom to sit on the bed to eat Room Service meals.  Had to be a quick meal that night as Judy was one of the Round Robin teachers in Session One and Maureen was a teacher in Session Two.  Lots of happy chatter between us all.  A good memory to treasure.

As for the Merchant Mall days - extremely busy Friday morning, constant stream in the afternoon, moderately busy Saturday morning but by mid-afternoon it was very quiet.  Most of the attendees had spent their needlework budget (& according to some - exceeded it) and were gathered in the Stitcher's Lounge until the evening dinner event.

After the Auction & Dinner event, despite it being late, I began packing up my displays and putting the hotel room back to rights.  I finished about 1.30am - the same time as Maureen & Dennis.  They had a huge display in their room.  Just beautiful. They didn't attend the dinner.  It took them all that time from the close of the show at 5.30pm till then to pack their stock and models into boxes and then load the boxes into their trailer.

During the Merchant Mall hours, besides displaying the upcoming lady design,
I also displayed a sampler I stitched some years ago - in 2006.
I have been wondering whether to publish it.

The outcome is that I will have to publish it as received several orders for it.
Thus, this will be my focus over the next month or so.

This design will be titled, "Favoured Shades".

It has many bands of stitches and patterns in it and so quite a lot of charting,
stitch diagrams and instructions are required.

I planned to publish this after finishing it all those years ago - but due to the huge task, I put it aside and then thought and said to Keith, 
"As this involves so much work, to make me do the work and to encourage me
to do the charting, draw the stitch diagrams and write the instructions, etc.
why don't I do it as a mystery sampler and publish only a few bands at a time. Doing so would 'make me do it', as everyone would be waiting and expecting the next instalment".
Keith's reply was, "Too much work". 
And so I never did do it or anything about it!
The outcome is that I will publish the design completely for those USA ladies who have ordered it, but will only release it here in NZ as a mystery sampler, as those ladies here in the Hawkes Bay who have seen it have asked me to do so.
This I plan to do at the end of January 2014.


Will sign off now and continue my saga in my next blog.

Bye for now,

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