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Welcome and thank you for taking time to read and share the experiences and happenings
at  Barberry Row  and  Heirlooms  and in my life.
I trust they will be a blessing and encouragement to you.
Sincerely,  Sherelyn


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Blog #17  -  4 October 2013  :  Below     (At home  -  Spring had arrived)

Blog #17

Friday,  4 October 2013 ~

Despite delays with boarding my plane to Napier due to bad weather there, when arrived, weather wasn't too bad at all although the rivers were very high and lots of excess water about.

It was so lovely to see Keith and have him wrap his arms around me and hug me for ages.  I was especially thrilled to see that he was so much better in health than when I had left but he was still very unwell.  His cough was still terrible.  And too, our little puppy dog, Lillie, was pleased to see me.

Stopped off at Melissa's before heading home to tell her all about the happenings and then head home to unpack my clothes suitcase and some of the things from the 'display items' suitcase. 

But- oh dear - it is not fun being in business when you have been away from it.

Came home to 67 Emails, 25 phone messages, a stack of letter mail and
two piles of boxes - some huge - some not so huge - full of ordered stock (needlework items & Christmas products).

Where, oh where, to begin!


Boxes which had arrived during my absence.
Lots more have arrived since then!

Felt very jaded on the Thursday and so only did a little bit of work and then, of course, the Gallery was open all day on the Friday.

Saturday I unpacked all the stitched models - placing some back on display in the house and Gallery and others put aside in readiness for sending for a display at an Embroidery Guild Retreat Day at Coromandel as per their request.

Sunday was the last day of the month and so my usual day to have an open home for anyone who wishes to gather together
for friendship and to stitch.  

At the end of the day I made a start on gathering up lots of needlework threads -  Silk 'n Colors, Silken Pearl, Soie d' Alger,
Sampler Threads and Simply Shaker Sampler Threads in readiness to send to the Guild Retreat Day. 
The next day was spent recording all these threads, packaging them up and shipping them off by courier. 

I then tackled the suitcase that contained all my unsold designs
and placed them onto the bedroom floor.

These all needed to be counted and recorded on my stock sheets before putting them all away.

Next day was taken up with gathering up and packaging up the stitched models, their relevant design charts & threads, etc.
required to stitch each particular piece - all for the Guild display.  Recorded everything that was to be sent and packed all into 
a box in readiness for the courier to collect.  This task took most of the day.

And so to the next few days.  These were taken up with replying to all the Emails (had received another 36 to the 67 awaiting
a reply - I do dislike Emails) and letters and writing 'Thank You' letters to various ones and writing my Blogs.

I still have to reply to a few Emails, fulfill the orders received via the Emails and still keep telephoning those persons I have not been able to contact who left phone messages on my answer phone.  Haven't touched the boxes of stock shown above, and since then, at least six more boxes have arrived!  And now of course, it is several days since the end of the month and so way past the time to close off the counts and print statements and reports.  And finish writing the August newsletter and write the September one. 

One lovely aspect though is that on my arrival home, found that spring had sprung!

All the beautiful magnolias have finished flowering but the cherry blossom trees  have been loaded with blossom.


Here are a few photos -




There was a breeze blowing the other day and the blossom looked liked confetti as it was blown past the window in my office.

The golden elm still has no leaves but is a mass of pale green flowers, the malice (behind the elm) a mass of burgundy flowers, the toon tree decked with dusky pink leaves and the leaves on the ash are beginning to appear.

Grass is so green and lush too.  Just beautiful.  We have been blessed with a wonderful property.  Keith picked a lovely bunch
of freesias for me not long after I returned home and today he picked the first couple of roses for me.

Must away and tackle another of my many tasks that are still awaiting attention.

Bye for now.

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