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Welcome and thank you for taking time to read and share the experiences and happenings
at  Barberry Row  and  Heirlooms  and in my life.
I trust they will be a blessing and encouragement to you.
Sincerely,  Sherelyn


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Blog #2  -  31 March 2013  :  Below     (My Mum's accident)

Blog #2

31 March 2013 ~

Lots to do since arriving home from the Nashville Needlework Market - unpacking of suitcases, washing and ironing, opening piles of mail, reading and replying to dozens and dozens of Emails, paying accounts, replying to messages on the answer phone, supplying orders received and opening the many boxes of stock that arrived during my time away.

I have not completed all the tasks - but doing the best I can.

Only one week after arriving home, on Friday, the 15th of March, just after 5am received a telephone call from the retirement village (where my Mum resides in a villa) to say that she had called them as she had had a fall and had gashed the top of her head on the bedside cabinet and that she had been taken to hospital.  Consequently, by 5.30am I was at the hospital.  Mum's head wound require ten stitches and after many consultations, xrays and scans, it was decided that she should remain in the hospital and mid-afternoon (yes, afternoon) she was moved from the Emergency Department to the Acute Assessment Ward for further consultations and assessements.  Believe it or not, it was 10 to 9 that evening when I arrived back at home with some Kentucky Fried Chicken for tea!

To date my mum is still in hospital, having been moved from the Acute Assessment Ward to the Rehabilitation Ward.  She is extremely frail and she may have to remain there for some weeks yet.  This is her 5th such time in this ward.  On these previous occasions she was there for about 5 - 6 weeks each time.

Consequently, each day now involoves a visit to the hospital to see her and attend to her needs (washing nightgowns, etc.).

She loves it when we take our little puppy, Lillie in to visit her.

Lillie lies on her bed and snuggles up to her by lying down the length of her legs.

Tuesday evening of the 19th of March, over twenty ladies from the Hastings Salvation Army's group of ladies came to the house for their monthly meeting, wander through the house and Gallery and for supper.  A lovely group of ladies.

Then, on Sunday the 24th of March, from 11am thru to 4pm, those local ladies who could come and who are taking part in 'The Mystery Sampler' project came to the house to stitch together and encourage one another.

Such a happy time.  So much chatter and "ooohing and aahing" over one another's pieces.

It's been truly wonderful to see all the different sampler looks due to the different choices of thread colours.

But - I forgot to take a photo though!  Sorry.


If you would like to know more about this awesome project - please check out the progress reports  :  The Mystery Sampler

In all, there are six parts to this project - one part every month for the last six months.  I've loved every minute of it!

Oh, dear.  Another financial year has come to a close.  Time for stocktaking!!

That's all for the moment.

Bye for now.     Sherelyn 

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