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Welcome and thank you for taking time to read and share the experiences and happenings
at  Barberry Row  and  Heirlooms  and in my life.
I trust they will be a blessing and encouragement to you.
Sincerely,  Sherelyn


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Blog #9  -  11 August 2013  :  Below     (The Mystery Sampler Exhibition)

Blog #9


Sunday, 11 August 2013 ~

It has been a very busy time over the last few weeks.

One reason was the planning and preparation just before the end of July to showcase the beautiful needlework by some of those ladies who have been participating in 'The Mystery Sampler' project and who were willing to loan their samplers to me for the occasion.

(The other reasons are because of the "NZ Sampler Gathering" weekend & the Otane Arts and Crafts group "Soup & Bun Day" but will relate those events in another blog.)


For those of you who are unaware of 'The Mystery Sampler' project  .....

The Mystery Sampler

Well known embroiderer, Elizabeth Darrah,
designed a sampler and donated this design
to the Northern North Island Embroiderers Guild
as a project to raise funds for their guild.

The design was a band sampler
to be worked on a fine linen fabric
with a variegated silk thread,
five solid dyed complementary colours
and two complementary perle cotton threads

 Special features of this design were ~

* No-one knew beforehand
the finished look of the sampler

* Instructions for only a portion
of the design
would be given
over a period of six months

* The sampler colours
were to be the stitcher’s choice

* Stitches used could be adapted or changed

* Colours suggested for each band
could be changed

The sampler gave the participant an enjoyable challenge.

It was an awesome, rewarding and fulfilling project.

Over 300 needlewoman throughout New Zealand participated

Over twenty samplers were on display   ~   Heirlooms Needlework Gallery 


Elizabeth Darrah - the designer of the sampler - was the guest speaker at the opening of the exhibition on the Thursday evening. (The invited guests were principally all the exhibitors.)  Elizabeth shared with us how the project came about, her life's needlework journey and showed us exquisite pieces of some of the work she has designed and created over the years.
So beautiful and so inspiring.  A very gifted lady.

The exhibition was then open for three days to anyone who wished to visit and more than 100 people wandered throughout the house and enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee.  Everyone who visited was amazed at all the beautiful samplers and the 
uniqueness of them
 due to the thread and fabric colours chosen, changes or adaptions to bands, etc.

A GREAT few days!

That's all for the moment.  Bye for now.


P.S.  To follow are photos of the samplers that were on display - some completely finished, others still a work in progress  ....



Annette Webb


Aylene Anderson


Beth Clothier



Elisabeth Beachen


Elizabeth Darrah
(the original sampler)


               Faye Miller



Faye Miller
(her second sampler)


Gail Gray


Gail Pope



Glennis Harris


Helen Pearce


Joy Hurford



Judith Bell


Linda Graham

Maree Duffett


Margaret Roil


Margaret Robinson

Mariann Kingston


Mary White


Melissa Whitfield

Robyn Burn


Robyn Phillips



Shirley Thompson


Most of the samplers variegated thread colour was a silk thread  (Silk 'n Colors  -  SNC)   by The Thread Gatherer.
These lovely threads are available from Heirlooms.

Annette  -  Wild Violets   

Judith  -  Forget-Me-Not

Aylene  -  Desert Moss  

Linda  -  Dickens Christmas

Beth  -  Sunrise Blue

Maree  -  Dried Roses

Elisabeth  -  Giulia's Dream

Margaret  -  Royalty

Elizabeth  -  Monster Mash

Margaret R - Autumn Twilight

Faye  -  King's Flock

Marianne  -  Royalty

Faye  (second sampler)  -  from her own stash

Mary  -  Thistle Garden

Gail  -  English Meadow

Melissa  -  Crimson Wood

Gail P  -  from her own stash

Robyn  -  Royalty

Glennis  -  Apples & Oak Leaves

Robyn P  -  Aegean Twilight

Helen  -  Down & Dirty

Sherelyn  -  Dried Roses

Joy  -  Royalty

Shirley  -  English Meadow

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