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Welcome and thank you for taking time to read and share the experiences and happenings
at  Barberry Row  and  Heirlooms  and in my life.
I trust they will be a blessing and encouragement to you.
Sincerely,  Sherelyn


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Blog #1  -  10 March 2013  :  Below     (Nashville Needlework Trade Show)

Blog #1

10 March 2013 ~

On Saturday, the 23rd of February, my lovely daughter, Melissa and I flew out of New Zealand to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the yearly needlework trade show.

This is the 20th year I have attended such an event - and it is one that I love.

It is where needlework designers showcase their latest needlework designs to retailers for them to decide
what they would like to sell in their shops.

There are many shows throughout a year - all at different locations.  Besides Nashville, I have attended shows at Charlotte, North Carolina and Columbus, Ohio - but Nashville is my favourite.  So friendly and relaxed.

However, this year was quite different in that in addition to going to purchase lovely new designs and products for my Needlework Gallery - I was going as an exhibitor.  That is - to showcase my needlework designs to the retailers.

Although very exciting and the fulfilment of a longtime dream, it was also very daunting.

Would the retailers like my designs?     Would the retailers buy my designs?

To follow:  some photos of our time there -


Boxes of printed designs from the printers  -
over 1000 design copies / each design five to six pages.
Lots of pages to be folded!

Before leaving NZ we did not print any designs.

Instead, had them as pdf. files on a 'memory stick / flash drive' and had them printed in the States soon after our arrival.


Part-way through
the sorting
and folding
of the designs

Melissa placing some
of the folded designs
into their resealable
plastic packaging.

Her thumbs became
quite sore
 very quickly!


All this work took several days


Besides helping me,
Melissa still had to do
all the admin work
for their business - Whitfield Transport


A VERY busy girl!

Set up for the show was on Thursday, 28th of February.

Display banners were hung, signposts erected and displays of needlework pieces set out.

This is a very different show as each exhibitor displays in the lounge area of their own hotel room/suite -
not in a booth in a convention centre as per the photos below -


Trade Show
Columbus,  Ohio
June 2004



At the Trade Show in Charlotte,
North Carolina
in 2000
I helped Cece and her son, Gage
in their display booth
as well as doing some buying for the
Needlework Gallery

The Thread Gatherer's
Trade Show
Charlotte,  North Carolina
August 2000

Gage,  Cece  and myself



At Nashville, five of the eight floors
are taken up with exhibitors.

We were in Suite 202 -
on the first floor, just to the right of the elevators.








My lovely friend, Giulia
of GPA
(Giulia Punti Antichi)
was in the room next door
to us - Suite 203

These are our signs

Looking from further
around the corridor


looking up from the
atrium / hotel lobby

Various exhibitors signs  -  it's very exciting!


Some of the exhibitors set up their rooms with very elaborate props, etc.
but with travelling, we were only able to take what would fit into a suitcase : display cloths, flowers, etc.

However, not too disappointed with the end result.

Set up displays on the dining table, the TV cabinet, the coffee table and the corner sofa table

The dining table display - The TV cabinet display - The coffee table display - The corner table display -

All these new designs and the particulars of each design may be seen at   .....  Designs  or  What's New ~ Barberry Row
 or  click here

Thursday was also the day when the retailers began arriving.

This is the sign in the hotel lobby that greeted them.

Plus I had Phillip
(one of the many bellcaptains and shuttle bus drivers) stand beside it.
Phillip has been at the hotel for some time and has become a friend.
Always so helpful and obliging with whatever we need
or wherever we need to go.

Thursday evening I attended a lecture on Copyright.
The law regarding Copyright and the registering of a Copyright.

This was conducted by an intellectual property (IP) rights attorney -
Tammy Browning-Smith.


Sadly, so many people today think it is quite alright to copy a person's
piece of design work / pattern and pass it on to a friend.

But - reality - they are stealing.

Friday afternoon Melissa attended a needlework class and I set up for the early evening event - Make It, Take It.

It was held in one of the hotel convention rooms.

5pm - 7pm

At this event, over and over again, I demonstrated to the retailers
the needlework technique of Fisherton de la Mere
as this technique is used
to create many of my designs.

I had on hand 75 copies of one of my designs
and 69 packages of fabric, threads and embellishments to create this design.
(These packages had been made up by my granddaughter, Ashleigh before we left NZ)

At the end of an extremely busy time, Melissa and I only packed up four designs!

Very encouraging.     Especially after all my apprehension.


Saturday and Sunday
were the days
of the show.

We woke
to a
light dusting of snow

View from
bedroom window

These days were busy with selling to the retailers
(to find a retailer who now stocks Barberry Row designs, go to the Designs page and find the Shop Locations link or click here)
and me leaving Melissa to dash off and find lovely new designs and products for the Heirlooms Needlework Gallery.

These new items will be featured over the next few months : What's New ~ at Heirlooms

Monday and Tuesday were the days to say farewell to so many of my lovely designer friends.  To name a few -
Sandie & Dave of The Sweetheart Tree  :  Giulia & Mario of GPA (Giulia Punti Antichi)
Monique of  Dessins  and  Gigi of GigiR Designs  (both of these wonderful ladies are from Belgium)
Maureen (Appleton) Sorenson of  The Heart's Content : Jeannette Douglas of  Jeannette Douglas Designs
Pam Read of  Olde Colonial Designs

Here are some farewell pics -

Sandie & Dave

Mario,  myself  &  Giulia

Myself  &  Giulia

Melissa & Giulia

Monique,  myself  &  Gigi

Sadly, for various reasons, some of my other special friends were unable to be at Nashville this year.

They were :  Cece of   The Thread Gatherer  :  Judy of  JBW Designs  and  Ellen of  With My Needle

We missed them very much.

Part of one of these two days was also taken up with wandering around the historical town of Franklin.

Here is a photo of the pancake lunch
Melissa ordered and enjoyed whilst we were there.

Back in 2010 Melissa and I toured a couple of the Civil War sites
(Carter House  and  Lotz House)
and last year I toured Carnton Plantation and walked the graveyard site there.
So sad.  So many lives lost.

Wednesday, 4.30 am :  We were collected from the hotel by Azaz 

(the lovely, friendly, trustworthy, private shuttle driver/owner
whom I have used for many years to transport me
to and from the airport [40 minutes away] and to and from
the Oprey Mills Mall [45 minutes away])

to begin our long trip back to NZ.

Look at all our bags!

As per usual we had done some shopping!!
(A Christmas gift and a birthday gift for each family member,
plus some shopping for ourselves).

Also, we had a few designs to take home as we didn't manage
to sell all that we had printed.

Arrived home at Napier mid-morning of Friday, 8th of March, to be greeted by loving family who were pleased to see us - and we pleased to see them.

One of the first stops before our home was at Melissa's place to see the progress of her new home, the building of which began whilst we were away.  Family had kept us 'up-to-date' with photos by Email - but so great to actually see it.
Keith and I are so thrilled for Melissa.  She has waited a long time for this dream to become a reality.

And so - a wonderful, wonderful trip and the beginnings of a dream coming true for me!

I wonder what the future holds.

Bye for now.   Sherelyn

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