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2014  -  Mystery Sampler Project  -  2014

Many ladies participated in *  The
Mystery Sampler  * project in 2012 / 2013
by Elizabeth Darrah and Diane Martin - and LOVED it! 

(To read about this project -  *  The Mystery Sampler  *)

This project also was the beginnings of many ladies getting together once a month to stitch together
and to encourage and help one another with choices of colours to use
and the sharing of knowledge of how to work stitches they had not done before.

The last Sunday of the month became the time for our group to meet at our home
and as we enjoyed our time together, it was decided this special day should continue.

BUT -  due to The Mystery Sampler project being finished,
we missed the excitement and enthusiasm of seeing everyone’s progress on their sampler
and so the decision was made that we would all begin another band sampler in much the same way.

That is - each participant would

·   Receive a progressive section of this new sampler each month

  • Choose the thread colours that were their favourite shades

·   Choose the fabric type, colour & count that they preferred

 The finished design size of the Band Sampler on 28 count fabric was   6”  x  25”  (15cm  x  63cm)
and worked with seven toning shades of their favourite colour in their choice of silk or cotton threads

with Perle #8 and Perle #12 in the colour of their choice for the Whitework sections.

Here is a sneak preview of Part One -



As with The Mystery Sampler project, the complete sampler design would remain a mystery.

As each section was worked month by month it was revealed.

This was to be THEIR sampler, therefore, they could

*  Change a suggested colour shade  or  substitute it with an overdyed thread

*  Change  or  omit a band section

*  Add a stitch  or  a verse

This project began on the 1st of April and finished on the 1st of September 2014

  • This project as a "progressive" sampler has now closed
    but the complete sampler design may be purchased from Heirlooms,
    and it is possible to stitch it as a 'mystery'
    by only looking at the monthly instructions
    and not looking at the last pages of the instructions.

    Progressive reports are posted below


    otherwise you will spoil the mystery of it


    Sampler Progress (1)

    Sampler Progress (1a)

    Sampler Progress (2)

    Sampler Progress (3)

    Sampler Progress (4)

    Sampler Progress (5)

    Sampler Progress (6)

    Several months after the project had finished,
    an exhibition of some of the samplers was held -

    Favoured Shades Sampler Exhibition

    Mystery Sampler Series -  click on the image for fabric & thread requirements, etc.


     BARB: WL 002
     Favoured Shades


     BARB: WL003
     The Butterfly Sampler


     BARB: WL004
     Family Quaker Sampler





    NZD  45.00


    NZD  45.00  


    NZD  50.00  


    Project Information  -  above


    Project Information 


    Project Information

    How our Mystery Sampler Projects came about -

    The Mystery Sampler

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