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A pictorial overview of the relocation of the 100 year old villa

and it's gradual restoration


November 1999

Marking out the house site and beginning to fell and clear about 350 apples trees


November 1999

Exterior state of the house before being moved to the new building site.  Interior of the house was in a worse condition!


November 1999

Stage one / piece one.

This was the first piece of the house to be placed at its new location.

For removal, the house had to be cut into three pieces.


November 1999

Stage two / piece two.
About to enter the property.


November 1999

Stage two / piece two.
Moving through the orchard to the house site.


November 1999

Moving piece two into position beside piece one.


November 1999

Manoeuvering little by little so that both pieces are aligned.


December 1999

Joining piece one and piece two together.  Hall floor and hall ceiling restored and front door about to be reinstalled.


December 1999

Stage three / piece three.
Now reattached to the rear of the house.


January 2000

House now lowered onto its new foundations and the roof rafters being put back into their original postions in readiness for the roofing iron to be replaced.

(Each rafter & each piece of roofing iron was numbered when originally removed so that they could be replaced in their exact positions)


March 2000

Creating a driveway so that we didn't have to drive over bumpy orchard grass.

Originally when the land was purchased, there was no drive on to the property.


July 2000

All electrical wiring and all plumbing completely renewed. Interior still in a very poor state of repair.



August 2000

Foundations / piles for the office addition


August 2000

Foundations, floor, etc. being laid for the extension to the little back bedroom which was to become a family room, plus foundations for the addition of a breakfast nook and an office.


September 2000

Framing for the new office (progress being inspected by Toulousee, the cat)


September 2000

Framing for the complete extension


October 2000 - Spring

Roof on the new extension and the apple trees beginning to blossom


March 2001

Window being installed in the new office.

Note:  "New" window is one from a house of the same era that had been demolished.


June 2004

Exterior of the house not too different but lots of work done in the orchard to the orchard trees & over 200 ornamental trees planted thoughout the property -  maples, oaks, ashes, liquid ambers, flowering cherries, magnolias, flowering plums, walnuts, lilacs, silver & copper birches, camellias, rhododendrons, etc.


May 2005

Internally, addition completely finished - i.e. family room, office & breakfast nook - plus new kitchen installed, and the bathroom and laundry also completely renovated.


May 2005

Old roofing iron being replaced with new iron.


September 2006

Back view of the house with the new roof


December 2006

Another view of the back of the house.


December 2006




December 2006

New planting completed in the spring - avocados.


January 2007

Planting alongside the drive in to the house.

  April 2009  
  December 2009  

Entrance to

Needlework Gallery


December 2009

  December 2009  

Driveway -  December 2009

Not one of these trees or plants were on the property when we purchased it!





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