Today in gardens throughout England, plaques reside next to mulberry trees:
"This is a genuine James I mulberry tree"

James I of England at the beginning of his reign in the 17th century
enthusiastically promoted the development of the silk production in England.
In fact, some historians have described his interest in the silk worm as excessive.
"He appointed special attendants as well as a Governor of the Chamber whose duty it was
to carry the insects 'withsoever his Majesty went.'
One can imagine the king's entourage complete with guardians of the silk worms."
Proclamations were issued promoting sericulture,
mulberry tree seedlings were planted at his insistence
and experiments with silk were funded from the royal purse.

Excerpted from 'The Story of Silk' by Dr. John Feltwell




The long, unbroken lengths of silk as it is unwound from the silk cocoon
have the maximum amount of shine.   
Older pieces of embroidery using filament silk, even several hundreds of years old,
still glow and twinkle in the light.

This is the term given to the shorter pieces of silk left after the filament
has been unwound from the silk cocoon.
This silk possesses a subtle gleam, and when it is used next to a filament silk,
makes the filament even brighter, and more lustrous.

It is the contrast of the different lustre of silk threads and their light reflection
that makes an ordinary piece of needlework extraordinary

Courtesy of Access Commodities ~ USA



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 Soie d'Alger:  






Spun Silk  -  7 ply  -  5 metres per skein  -  620 colours


  per skein


View Colours
111  -  535
536  -  1311
1841  -  2536
2541  -  3313
3314  -  3825
3826  -  4532
4533  -  4646
F1  -  F20

If a colour cannot be found numerically, check the Additions

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    Other threads by Au Ver A Soie:      
               (but not available from Heirlooms)    

Soie 100/3:  



per spool



Fine Twisted Spun Silk  -   3 ply  *  -  50 metres per spool  -  220 colours




*  non-divisible ply


The construction of this thread makes it less prone to knot or snarl




as cotton & rayon





The tight twist makes it ideal for blackwork & fine detail





Can be used as a couching thread for metals, chenille & even other silks




such as Trebizond or Soie Perlee


Soie Gobelins:



per spool



Filament Twisted Silk (fine)  -  3 ply  -   50 metres per spool  -  47 colours




One strand of this thread is perfect for 30 count to 40 count linen


Soie Ovale:  



per spool



Filament Untwisted Silk  -  3 ply  -  15 metres per spool  -  56 colours




Soie de Paris:



per spool



Filament Silk  -  6 ply  -  15 metres per spool  -  79 colours




 Soie Perlee:  



per spool



Filament Twisted Silk  -   3 ply  -  14 metres per spool  -  171 colours




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