Silken Ribbons

Silk is one of the finest stitching fibres available combining strength with a lustrous sheen

Silk 'n Colors

Uses vary according to the number of ply used  *
Majority of colours are space-dyed, but some are solids
(the solid colours when stitched give a 'heathery' look)
All skeins are 12 ply
*  Specialty stitches usually require more ply to cover

100% Silk
6 yards
$13.50 per skein
Code:  SNC

Silken Ribbons

Available in two widths  -  4mm  &  7mm
Ribbons are woven with filament silk
Colours match the Silk 'n Colors range of threads
Various uses include ribbon embroidery,
crazy quilting and embellishment
4mm can be used for specialty stitches on 18 ct. canvas
7mm width is beautiful rouched for finishing applications
Short lengths & chenille needles recommended

100% Silk
4mm  -  4 yards   :   7mm  -  2 yards
$11.00 per card
Codes:  SR4  (4mm)     :     SR7  (7mm)

Please Note:

Fibres are hand-dyed and subtle differences occur naturally between dye lots.
Please keep this in mind when calculating how much thread to purchase for a project.

It is better to have a little excess at the completion of your project
than to come up short with crucial sections remaining.

Dye lot differences are especially visible in large areas of stitches of the same colour.

Washing of threads and ribbons IS NOT recommended.
Quality dyes are used and textile industry standards are followed for setting the colours in the fibres,
but, if washed, colour fastness CANNOT be guaranteed.


When ordering, please quote the following -
Code & Colour Number  :  Colour Name  :  Quantity  :  Price

e.g.      SNC  059  :  Gilded Lavender  :  1  :  13.50
              SR4  091   :   Medieval Mulberry   :   1   :   11.00
SR7  059   :   Gilded Lavender   :   1   :   11.00

View Colours

000  - 180     :     181  -  250     :     251  -  299     :      300  -  325
 971 - 9912
    :     1000  -  1079

Due to variations in the way computers, printers & monitors reproduce colour
thread images should only be considered general guides

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