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April 2010 -
More of the lovely new products acquired at the Nashville Trade Show -
Designs:  Ellen Chester of With My Needle has three lovely new designs.


WMN:HUSWIF  -  Mrs. Waddelow’s Huswif:  Ellen has named this original design of hers
after her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother.  Amy is believed to have been born in England around 1610 and moved to and married Nicholas Waddelow in Virginia, USA.  A “huswif”, huswife” or “hussif” is a folded and rolled case for holding needlework tools
& accessories.  The inside of this huswifuses five different fabrics to create four pockets for
the needlework tools and the outsideis a linen fabric with a simple embroidered floral design worked with one overdyed thread colour.  Thus, this piece can be made to your favourite
colour palette - that is, you first choose the lining fabrics you like and then choose a complimentary linen fabric colour and a co-ordinating embroidery thread colour.     $40.00


WMN:QU3  -  Quaker Samplings III:  Another original design by Ellen.  Like its predecessors, Quaker Sampling I & Quaker Sampling II, this design was inspired by the samplers from Ackworth School, one of the most famous Quaker schools in England.    $30.00  







WMN:HEART  -  Within My Heart Sewing Case:  An envelope shaped sewing case in which
to place your stitching or sewing tools.  The design on this piece uses various stitches - Algerian Eye, Backstitch, Closed Herringbone, Cross Stitch, Nun’s Stitch, Smyrna Cross,
Tent (to name a few).  The verse reads,

“Within my heart let peace a dwelling find,
Let my goodwill extend to all mankind”

and is stitched above a maiden beside a tree and who is accompanied by a pair of peacocks and a pair of rabbits.  Designs for a matching scissors fob and needle book are also included.






When visiting Ellen at the Trade Show, her husband took a photo of Melissa and I and some other needlework retailers & some designers who were also attending the show.  These can be viewed on Ellen’s blog  .....   www.withmyneedle-ellen.blogspot.com  (Blog Archive - Feb 2010).   After reading all of Ellen’s lovely news, it made me feel guilty that I have not done something for you - my special customers and friends - to share all my lovely experiences of my trip away!  My apologies for not being thoughtful. Some of those persons that Ellen has featured in her February blog are also my special friends - such as, Giulia from Italy (GPA - Giulia Punti Antichi), Sandie from Arizona (The Sweetheart Tree), and Nancy from Ohio (The Gentle Art).  Many of the others that are mentioned I also know personally, but those here named are my extra special friends. Whilst on the subject of photos on the Internet - check out the one of myself, Melissa, Sandie Vanosdall (of The Sweetheart Tree) and Jean on the website for Jean’s shop as we all had lunch together there at the shop one day  .....     www.atticneedlework.com (Newsletter : Past Newsletter 04.02.10 : page 9).  I’m not so sure how I feel about being placed underneath the picture of a needlework design that reads,, "Watch out for witches old and lean, they cast their spells on Halloween.”  I did have to smile though.

Needlework Weekend  -  19th GREAT ESCAPE  -  2011

I have on hand brochures for this event detailing the classes, tutors, costs, dates, times, etc.
If you would like a brochure to be sent to you, please send a stamped, addressed, business sized, envelope to the Gallery. 

Friday, Saturday  &  Sunday   

Orewa College,  Riverside Road,  Orewa


25  -  27 March 2011

To order any of the above  :  ORDER CHOICES:    Mail  -  Fax  -  Telephone  -  Email


March 2010 -

More of the lovely new products acquired at the Nashville Trade Show -
Designs:  Judy’s dear little designs are always popular!

JBW 213  -  French Country ~ Butterfly:  Continuing in the French theme, a butterfly design
created by the clever use and placement of motifs and stitched with one overdyed coloured thread.
Model is stitched with a pink/red by Crescent Colors but I’m currently stitching it for on display at
the What’s New ~ Needlework Exhibition in a Simply Shaker Sampler Thread.  
You'll have to visit the exhibition to see my colour choice.   I’ve also stitched it as a little ornamental - one strand of thread over one linen thread.     Design:   $10.00







JBW 214  -  French Country ~ Homes:  Five - different styled - little homes situated on the top of hills with trees of different shapes, sizes & colours.  You choose whether or add “Welcome” or “Bienuenue”.     Designs:  $10.00






JBW 215  -  French Country ~ Noah’s Ark:  Animal motifs (elephants, lions, giraffe’s, rabbits, etc.) all heading ‘two by two’ towards Noah’s Ark.  Once again, the complete design is stitched with an overdyed thread and the design can be used to celebrate/record a baby’s birth.     Design:   $10.00






JBW 216  -  The Queen Bee:  A large motif of a bee with a crown above it and these two are surrounded by leafy branches with the word’s “The Queen Bee” underneath.  Once again
stitched with an overdyed coloured thread.  I’m sure you will know someone for whom this design would be appropriate!  A stitched model of this designs will be on display at the exhibition in June. Design:   $10.00





JBW 217  -  ‘Twas the Night Ornaments II:  the second design in a series of four.  Each design leaflet has three little designs that may be stitched individually as Christmas Tree decorations or collect all four leaflets and stitch all twelve designs as one piece.  Design on this leaflet are a bedroom window, St. Nick & Santa’s sleigh & his reindeer.  Embellishments are a gold wreath, brass stars, a large pearl & a brass moon.     Design & embellishments:   $18.50





JBW 218  -  “Twas the Night Ornaments III:  The third design in this series.  These little
ornamentals feature Santa's sleigh stacked with gifts, a fireplace in which one can see
Santa’s legs & a house set in a wintry scene.  Charms are a brass French horn,
a brass ice skate & a brass reindeer.   Design & Embellishments:   $15.00




JBW 219  -   “Twas the Night Ornaments IV:
 The fourth & final design in this series.  One ornamental features Santa, another ornamental, Stockings hanging from a mantelpiece, and
the third ornamental, is a Christmas tree with gifts beneath it.  Embellishments are a wreath,
a brass bell, a white pom pom, a pair of brass bells, a brass snowflake & a gold star.
Design & Embellishments:   $18.50



Threads:  Six new colours in the Simply Shaker Sampler Threads range of threads by The Gentle Art were introduced in February of this year and six were introduced September of last year.  Once again, most of the colours are inspired by nature.  Remeber though, no two skeins are exactly alike.  New colours are -

SAM05  7075  -  Crystal Lake:   Pale denim blues


SAM05  7076  -  Portabella:  Shades of lichen


SAM05  7077  -  Cucumber:  Dark bottle greens


SAM05  7078  -  Toffee:  Colour reminiscent of that yummy sweet stuff

$5.50  per skein

SAM05  7079  -  Heirloom Gold:  Gold that has turned to browns


SAM05  7080  -  Endive:  Medium moss green


SAM05  7081  -  Carrot:  Bright orange


SAM05  7082  -  Piney Woods:  Muddy greens

5 yds per skein

SAM05  7083  -  Vintage Lace:  Taupe/beige with a touch of palest pink


SAM05  7084  -  Espresso Bean:  A very black/brown coffee bean colour


SAM05  7085  -  Moonlit Path:  Silver greys


SAM05  7086  -  Brick Path:  Terracotta red/brown & muddy green


To order any of the above  :  ORDER CHOICES:    Mail  -  Fax  -  Telephone  -  Email


February 2010 -

As always, had an awesome time at the Needlework Trade Show.  Especially wonderful this time as our lovely daughter, Melissa (a passionate & accomplished needlewoman) accompanied me.  It gave me the greatest of pleasure to introduce her to all the many, many needlework designers who have become my treasured friends over the past twenty one years.  One of these special friends - Sandie Vanosdall of The Sweetheart Tree - invited us to stay with her at her home for a few days after the trade show - and we had such an awesome, unforgettable time with her!  A very special lady.  Hopefully she will come & stay with us in the not too distant future. And, as per usual, I have arrived home with my suitcases bulging (had to pay excess baggage on every flight!) with beautiful new designs from our favourite designers (The Sweetheart Tree, JBW Designs, With My Needle, Just Nan, The Heart’s Content, Periwinkle Promises, Dessins & GPA to name a few), new silk, cotton & perle thread colours from The Gentle Art & The Thread Gatherer and absolutely beautiful needlework tools for your workbasket and lots and lots of scissors.  Yes - have restocked on the fabulous DOVO scissors from Germany.  Besides the products that I managed to bring home with me, there’s still lots more to arrive by post such as burr walnut & cherry wood boxes & Nantucket baskets.  Thus, over the next few months all these lovely products will be highlighted.  Also, I plan to stitch some of the newest designs over the next few months and in June have a special evening and weekend at which all these new designs and products will be exhibited.


Particulars of the What’s New  ~ Needlework Exhibition to be held at the Needlework Gallery are -  

Celebration of the Opening of the Exhibition:      Complimentary glass of Bubbles and Nibbles

Limited Numbers     :      Reservation Required    (request a Reservation Form to be sent to you)

WHEN:  Friday     

DATE:   18 June 2010   

TIME:   5pm - 9pm


Exhibition Open for the Weekend:          Complimentary cup of tea or coffee.          Reservation Not Required

WHEN:  Saturday  &  Sunday  

DATES:   19  &  20 June 2010  

TIME:   10am - 4pm



And so to begin with the new products -
Designs & Kits:  Once again, lovely, feminine designs from Sandie of The Sweetheart Tree - Teenie Tweenies, a Biscornu Pincushion, Teenie Kits & a Special Edition Kit.

SWT:T 142  -  Spider Web Roses Alphabet:  Teenie flower buds & twisting vines surround an alphabet with crystal paillettes & beads adding a sparkle to the little sampler.  Also embellished with a Rosealine Cabochon heart.  For those of you who have a creative nature, instead of stitching the little alphabet in the centre opening, you may use the alphabet to stitch your favourite saying or verse or a personal message.  Cabochon heart & paillettes included with the design.     $23.00

SWT:T 143  -  Pink Flowers On Gingham:  Lovely, delicate, pretty pink flowers are worked on the fabulous Graziano Rose & White gingham fabric.  At the centre is a pearlised white heart shaped button with tiny filagree etchings & to add a bit of sparkle, crystal paillettes & beads are dotted throughout the design.  Paillettes & button included with the design.     $23.00




SWT:T 145  -  Colonial Roses Fob:  Another beautiful, decorative, two-sided scissors fob featuring delicate little pink flowers accentuated with paillettes, petite beads & a little pink heart button.  Paillettes & heart included with the design.     $23.00




SWT:BP 012  -  Colonial Roses Biscornu Pincushion:  Biscornus are still the most trendy item being stitched and this pretty design co-ordinates with the Colonial Roses Fob.  This design is stitched on 32 count Rue Green Belfast Linen and is an ‘all-inclusive’ kit, so everything you need to stitch this design is included (i.e. except stuffing material).     $42.00





SWT:TK 054  -  “S” is for Stitching & Sewing:  Continuing in the very popular French inspired alphabet series of spot motif samplers, this design has various styles of the letter “S”, cotton reels & an old fashioned sewing machine motif are embellished with little cream pearls, petite beads & an ivory pearl heart.  This is a complete kit.     $40.00





SWT:TK 055  -  Blackberry Welcome:
 Another complete kit.  This little welcome piece is worked on the beautiful Cream & Natural gingham fabric by Graziano in Italy, and the blackberry motifs are created with the easy stacked-beading technique, giving a three dimensional effect.  This piece is a lovely addition to the other designs in the Blackberry Collection - Blackberry Jam, Blackberry Fob, Blackberry Biscornu Pincushion & Blackberry Heart..     $40.00








SWT:TK 056  -  The Earth Laughs in Flowers:
 This little design is again a complete kit and is in soft purple & yellow tones to remind one of Spring daffodils & crocus.  The little flowers & trailing vines are surrounded by the words in the title on all four sides and each corner is embellished with a little yellow flower bead & throughout the design are dotted gold, white & purple beads & little white pearls.    $40.00







SWT:SE 020  -  Enchanted Roses:
 A sparkly new ‘Special Edition' kit.  The design is worked in mauve, burgundy and olive tones on 25 count  Cashel Linen (Platinum colour) and is full of fun fancy stitches.  The sparkles come from a Garnet Cabochon Heart, crystal paillettes & three colours of petite beads.     $73.50





To order any of the above  :  ORDER CHOICES:    Mail  -  Fax  -  Telephone  -  Email


January 2010 -

Once again, not many new items at the Gallery as waiting to see all the lovely new things at the Trade Show.

Threads:  In the middle of last year, The Gentle Art introduced four new colours to their Simply Shaker SamplerThreads range of threads, but for one reason and another, I forgot to order them at the time and so only just ordered and received them.  The new colours were -

SAM 057071  -  Sunflower:   Definitely a marigold / sunflower yellow 


SAM 057072  -  Raspberry Frost:  Light through to medium mushroom 


SAM 057073  -  Autumn Leaves:  Rusty golds & oranges.  True autumn leaf colours 

 per skein

SAM 057074  -  Chives:  Slightly darker greens to the very popular ‘Avocado’


Six new colours were added to the range last September and, as always, new colours will be showcased at the Trade Show.  I will purchase all of these new colours whilst I am there.  For those of you who love these threads and to whom I automatically send these threads on a Sale/Return basis, you should receive the above threads in with this newsletter and I will send the newest threads as soon as I get back from the States in March.  My apologies for being so late with them.

Magazines:  Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly  (Vol. 58 - Spring 2010):  As per usual, this beautiful publication features many samplers of old and interesting historical notes on needlework created by women of a bygone era and the history of needlework tools.  In this issue there is Margaret Havelock’s 1836 Sampler (an American sampler using brightly coloured silks and classic motifs), Elizabeth Hobson’s 1800 Sampler (an English sampler which has three alphabets & a charming pictorial of a checkerboard deer, trees & a fruit basket), an 1863 Vierlande Sampler (a unique colourful sampler from the Vierlande region of  Germany), Part 2 of The Thimble (featuring thimbles with gemstones - diamonds, rubies, emeralds & other precious stones - just beautiful!), an article on the German Sampler Museum (Das Deutsche Stickmuster-Museum) in Celle, Germany, which features four centuries of embroidery, and lastly, an interesting article on the embroidered samplers and handkerchiefs that were stitched by members of Britain's Suffragette movement whilst they were imprisoned at Holloway Prison in 1911 / 1912.     $21.50


Please Note:

The Needlework Gallery will be closed  -  19th  &  26th  of  February
as overseas purchasing exciting new designs and accessories
at the Needlework Trade Show

This year my daughter, Melissa, is accompanying me
and on our way home we are going to be staying several days  
with my friend, and wonderful needlework designer for the past 25 years,

Sandie Vanosdall of  The Sweetheart Tree

To order any of the above  :  ORDER CHOICES:    Mail  -  Fax  -  Telephone  -  Email


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